Relationships in Balance in Chattanooga, TN is a counseling service offering a principle based and practical approach to improving your communication skills. No matter what the situation, a great part of what is need to build strong fulfilling relationships is open and effective communication. Effective communication is a central part of a healthy and fulfilling marriage as well as creating an environment that fosters happy growth in our children, yet it is also central to understanding our self. That is why learning to communicate effectively is part of personal growth therapy, relationship and marriage counseling, and family counseling.

Who Are We

Profile-pic-phil-nealMy name is Philip Neal,  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with Mental Health Service Provider designation and have enjoyed counseling since 1996.  Ever since my parents divorced when I was a young boy, it has been my desire to understand life enough to be able to help those who are struggling and hurting to find peace and fulfillment in life.  It is my mission to use the experiences of life, its successes and great failures, and the principles I have come to know through experience to help others along the way.