Personal Growth Counseling


Safe and Confidential

Personal growth counseling can be a safe and confidential way to move toward change and healing.  Individual counseling is also the most private way to begin the challenge of discovery.  Healthy happy

relationships are what make life fulfilling.  However, before we can have healthy happy relationships with others, we must gain a working knowledge of our own personality and what makes us tic.  We must become aware of our beliefs, then challenge them until they are tempered.

Why We Refine Our Beliefs.

Until we refine our beliefs and begin to live deliberately, our relationships, if we have any, will be a heavy burden, uncomfortable and not fulfilling.  Individual counseling is a safe place to challenge your beliefs without fear of prejudice or judgment.  This can be difficult since the biggest obstacle to knowing our self, is our self.  The human heart is more deceitful than anything else.  We can lie to our self, justify unhealthy beliefs and rationalize unhealthy behavior so much that we will not even know when we are doing it.

It is as if we were looking into a trick mirror that shows us only what we want to see.  Of course in the back of our heart we know there is a true picture behind the lie, but it is much more comfortable to avoid looking at that one.  What we need is a mirror that will not lie to us.  At its core, a healthy self-concept is the result of looking into a mirror that does not lie.  Only God can show us who we really are clearly.  Only He can give us the strength to face our deceitful heart with honesty and openness.  Only He can override our deceitful heart, as He begins to give us a new heart.  A healthy relationship with God is that truth mirror.  Good individual counseling will always examine who you know God to be.  Effective individual counseling will challenge you to cultivate your relationship with God, since it is only through Him that you will come to truly know yourself.


Of course, every part of who we are affects our relationships with others, and although others may not be directly involved, they will be affected.  Health and happiness must exist inside us if we are to have anything good to share with others.  That is one reason why it is important for us to know who we are.  Who we are is primarily defined by what we believe, and how we live out our beliefs.  Whether it is changing patterns that hurt or finding purpose in life, individual counseling can help you to discover and challenge your beliefs.