Marriage Counseling


Marriage Intimacy

The highest potential for intimacy is in a marriage relationship.  Just as very powerful tools can be used to build a home quite efficiently, they can also be used to destroy a home quite efficiently.  Those closest to us have the most potential to fill our life with joy or hurt.  If you are experiencing the hurt, take courage in the equally powerful potential for joy!  Marriage counseling is for both partners no matter who seems to have the greater struggle.

The ultimate goal in marriage counseling is to empower the relationship for true
intimacy.  True intimacy happens when each person allows them self to be vulnerable to the other.  The difficulty is that being vulnerable is really quite scary for most of us.  Before two people can be honest and open with each other, they must feel safe from judgment and emotional attacks.  Marriage counseling will help marriage partners explore the benefits of vulnerability, and offers an opportunity to practice vulnerability in a safe, nurturing environment.

Empowers Communication

Practicing intimacy greatly empowers communication and mutual understanding in the marriage relationship.  Keeping the marriage not only alive but also vibrant requires effective and meaningful communication.  This kind of communication cannot happen in the absence of true intimacy.  Effective communication will empower the marriage couple to discover and create mutual goals.  These goals act as a road map that will prescribe and aggrandize daily behaviors that so often seem small and meaningless, but are in fact the vehicle and fuel that will realize the goals.

Unless two people agree, they cannot journey together.  Marriage counseling is a powerful way to gain insight and perspective.  Marriage counseling can help you begin to build a relationship that makes you want to respect and cherish each other.